• Unlike other products on the market, Viefem is not a soap, it is a mild cleansing solution, a soap substitute for external use for daily hygiene and protection of the delicate female intimate area.
  • Viefem helps to maintain balance with its syndet type formula and active ingredients. Syndet formula and the active ingredients lactic acid, chamomile and Erva Doce extracts.
  • The protective layer of the intimate area is acidic, which means that its natural pH fluctuates between 3.8 and 5.2. inhibit the presence of harmful bacteria and prevent infections . With Viefem, LACTIC ACID maintains the natural pH balance of this area, reinforcing the protective barrier against vaginal infection.
  • Viefem contains botanical extracts CAMOMILE and ERVA DOCE botanical extracts that exert a powerful antimicrobial and soothing action, refreshing and deodorizing, providing a complete and pleasant sensation of cleanliness and well-being..

Why switch to viefem?

Why trust your intimate area to a soap with which you could wash your hands?It's time to change, with your intimate area is now protected! 

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